Nashville Songwriters Association International – Meet Up In Indy With Steve Bloch

Last month there was a small gathering of the eager and willing of the Indy chapter of NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International)  for a meet and greet w Steve Bloch.  Steve is a Nashville music publisher, song plugger and consultant.  He was in town for the Kellie Pickler concert and graciously carved out some time for a few of us aspiring song writers. After getting to know him and learning more about his career I decided to book a mentoring session with him the following day. 

NASI meet up in Indy June 2014

The one-on-one session was pretty cool.  Steve listened to 4 of my songs. After listening fully he then spent time going through the lyrics line by line dissecting, analyzing, critiquing and complimenting my choices. It’s incredibly daunting and helpful to have a fresh perspective…an expert, fresh set of eyes and ears on my songs.  Often when inspiration hits, it’s free flow writing for me so to go back over and really dig into the song line by line and discuss how each word adds or detracts from the story of the song is pretty interesting.  I had to agree with him on most of his feedback as well.  Good stuff!  


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